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A truly unique and wonderful collection of over 190 rare, out-of-print books, guides and manuals compiled together for the first time on DVD DATA DISC covering all aspects of DRESSMAKING & LADIES TAILORING.
This really is the ultimate treasure trove for any sewing enthusiast or dressmaker, whether amateur or professional. Discover the art of designing and drafting all types of women’s clothing. Explore various methods of taking measurements, pattern-making and dress cutting. Study the principles of practical tailoring, garment cutting and repair work. Master your skills using these vintage tried and tested systems to create your own unique clothing. 
Some of the books contained within this collection are extremely hard-to-find and will provide a valuable library of reference material. Overall, a stunning archive and an absolute must for anyone with and dressmaking, women’s clothing and design, sewing and tailoring. The full list of titles included speaks for itself….
This superb compilation of 193 vintage books on DVD data disc provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous photos / illustrations for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop or computer, or transfer to tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages.
This is without doubt the most extensive collection of its kind - compiled over time by rare-book-collections, and only available here!
The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows:
A complete course in dressmaking by I. Conover (1922)
A Concise Treatise on Ladies and Misses' Tight-fitting Garments - by Moschowitz Brothers (1886)
A cyclopaedia of costume or dictionary of dress Vol. 1 by J. R. Planche (1876)
A cyclopaedia of costume or dictionary of dress Vol. 2 by J. R. Planche (1876)
A history of feminine fashion by House of Worth (1921)
A self-teaching dress making system by E. P. Minier (1857)
A series of tables and diagrams illustrating economy in cutting, being economical methods for cutting out garments by J. Falconer (1894)
A system for cutting ladies garments by H. Leake (1883)
A text-book of needlework, knitting, and cutting out - with methods of teaching byE. Rosevear (1893)
Alterations and how to make them (1918)
Art in dress by P. Brown (1922)
Artistic ladies tailor system by Vienna ladies' tailoring institute (1898)
Baughman's advanced hints on dress cutting by J. Baughman (1892)
Bayne's self-instruction book for dress cutting by the French glove-fitting tailor system by J. Bayn (1883)
Beeton's housewife's treasury of domestic information by I. Beeton (1879)
Carlstrom's proportions of the human form by J. A. Carlstrom (1905)
Casneau's guide for artistic dress cutting and making by A. Casneau (1895)
Clothing and health by H. Kinne (1916)
Clothing for women; selection, design, construction; a practical manual for school and home by L. Baldt (1919)
Clute's actual measurement system and key to scientific dress making by J. Clute (1891)
Coates sewing and dress making manual by L. Coates (1912)
Complete instructions for Mrs. Louisa Teague's self-teaching dress-chart by L. Teague (1895)
Complete sewing instructions by M. Russell (1917)
Corticelli Home Needlework by L. Barton (1898)
Dame fashion, Paris - London, 1786-1912 by J. M. Price (1913)
Devereaux's actual measure system by C. Devereaux (1883)
Devereaux's French system of actual measure of scientific dress and sleeve cutting by O. S. Wetterhall (1890)
Directions for cutting garments with the Davis improved square by M. Davis
Directions for using the New York self-instructing system and chart fo cutting ladies' and misses' dresses by D. Briggs (1889)
Distinctive Clothes, How To Select And Make Them An Intermediate Course by F. Consalus (1920)
Domestic art in woman's education by A. M. Cooley (1911)
Dr. Wampen's world renowned system of anthropometry as simplified and Americanized by J. H. Hutcheson (1903)
Dress and cloak fitting made easy by J. A. Studabecker (1881)
Dress fitting made easy by A. L. Barnes (1892)
Dress making reduced to a science by E. W. Mallision (1886)
Dress, blouse, and costume cloths, design and fabric manufacture by R. Beaumont (1921)
Dressmakers dictionary by H. Curtis (1916)
Dressmaking and millinery by E. Bryner (1916)
Dressmaking as a trade for women in Massachusetts by M. Allinson (1916)
Dressmaking by J. Fales (1917)
Dressmaking course by Pratt Institute, School of Domestic Arts (1903)
Dressmaking made easy by I. Conover (1919)
Dressmaking self taught in twenty complete lessons by E. Carens (1911)
Efficiency in clothing by R. Reed (1921)
Efficiency, simplicity, economy in cutting and making ladies' garments by E. Gurney (1917)
Eugene Pecori's perfect system of cutting ladies garments by E. Pecori (1912)
Every lady her own dressmaker  the scientific lady tailor system for cutting ladies' dresses and coats  no fitting to do  improved and simplified by L. Molpoer (1891)
Fashion in Paris; the various phases of feminine taste and aesthetics from 1797 to 1897 by O. Uzanne (1898)
Fashion in Paris; the various phases of feminine taste and æsthetics from the revolution to the end of the XIXth century by O. Uzanne (1901)
Fitting dresses and blouses by M. Campbell (1921)
Fit-u-first dress-making & tailoring schools by J. Walsh (1915)
Garment cutting self-taught by E. Abercrombie (1889)
Garment drafting by simple rule method by M Gingles (1907)
Garments for girls by C. L. Schmit (1919)
Glickstein's system; ladies', misses' and children's garments, practical methods of designing according to proportions by P. Glickstein (1909)
Godey's Lady's Book (July 1863)
Godey's Lady's Book (June 1864)
Guide to dressmaking by J. Symons (1876)
Handbook on dress and cloak cutting by C. Hecklinger (1884)
Hecklinger's ladies' garments by C. Hecklinger (1886)
Historic costumes - their influence on modern fashions by S. H. Dutchett (1920)
Home dressmaking and the art of good dressing by E. da Baras (1883)
Home dressmaking by J. Ford (1913)
Home dressmaking made easy by E. Hooper (1903)
Home dressmaking; a complete guide to household sewing by A. Myers (1892)
Household Sewing with Home Dressmaking by B. Banner (1898)
How to cut, fit, and finish a dress by J. Lofvall (1892)
How To Design Your Own Clothes by H. C. Shelton (1921)
How to make over old dresses by A. Prescott (1892)
Instruction book...designing, pattern drafting, dress making, millinery. by Livingston's academy,Washington, D. C. (1922)
Instruction book ... to be used only as a guide and partial study in the expert course in dressmaking by E. van Ame (1915)
Instruction book by Diamond Garmand  Cutter School (1903)
Instruction book by Diamond Garment Cutter Correspondence School, Chicago
Instruction book for the French and English systems of cutting, fitting and basting by J. McCall (1881)
Instruction book for the Kellogg French tailor system for cutting every description of ladies' garments by F. Kellogg (1890)
Instruction book for the standard tailor system by H. Evan (1896)
Instruction book of Bisbee's American tailor system of dress cutting by F. Bisbee (1895)
Instruction book, giving full information for using the self-adjusting tailor system of garment cutting by M. Jones (1891)
Instructions for using Fountain's tailor system of dress cutting by J. Fountain (1890)
Instructions in dressmaking, basting and fitting (1884)
Makers of our clothes; a case for trade boards, being the results of a year's investigation into the work of women in London in the tailoring, dressmaking, and underclothing trades by C. Meyer (1909)
Making a dress at home by M. Smith (1921)
Manual of apparel drafting and sewing by M. Kunz (1914)
Margaret Blair system of garment drafting by M. Blair (1897)
Margaret J. Blair's system of sewing and garment drafting by M. J. Blair (1904)
Martin's tailor system for dress and cloak cutting by J. A. Martin (1888)
Merz's practical cutting system for ladies' jackets and cloaks by W. Merz
Miss Leslie's lady's house-book; a manual of domestic economy containing approved directions for washing, dress-making, etc. by E. Leslie (1863)
Mme. Veitch-Simonds' drapery system chart by A. Simonds (1889)
Mrs. A. J. Wuerfel's tailors rules and diagrams by A. J. Wuerfel (1900)
Mrs. Herbert's scientific system of dress cutting, for self-instruction by C. Herbert (1897)
N. S. Sheifer's system of designing and grading ladies', misses' & children's garments by N. S. Sheifer (1908)
New superlative system of cutting ladies' garments by C. Stone (1901)
New teacher of ladies' home tailoring by G. Hurwitz (1910)
Oriental costumes, their designs and colors by M. Tilke (1922)
Parisian ladies' tailoring system for designing, pattern cutting, fitting and making waists, skirts, dresses, suits and all outer garments by A. Z. Zeisler
Pattern alteration by M. Smith (1915)
Pattern making by A. K. Hanna (1922)
Points on dress cutting and fitting by G. Greenwood (1890)
Practical instruction in cutting out ... and women's apparel including dressmaking  by E. Peek (1914)
Practical sewing and dressmaking by S Allington (1913)
Prof. M. Kaphan's kid glove-fitting system for ladies', misses', children's and gents' garments by M. Kaphan (1890)
Proportionate system of coat cutting by C. Hecklinger (1883)
Ratner's up-to-date method of designing; school of designing, cutting, grading and fitting, for ladies', gentlemen's and children's garments, dressmaking and furs by H. Ratner (1908)
Rosenbleet's perfect system of ladies' garment cutting, specially designed for self instruction by J. Rosenbleet (1911)
Scientific dress cutting and making, The Harriet A. Brown system, simplified and improved; directions for its use by H. Brown (1902)
Self-fitting dress chart patterns by W. Cornwell (1872)
Sewing machines by R. C. Cook (1922)
Simple garments for children by M. B. Synge (1914)
Simplified directions for using L. B. Hale's new tailor system of French dress cutting by L. Hale (1885)
Simplified pattern cutting; a new and easy method by F. Lynch (1918)
Studies in plain needlework and amateur dressmaking by H. Ross (1887)
Suggestions for dressmakers by C. Broughton (1896)
Superlative system of cutting ladies' garments by C. J. Stone (1897)
T. W. Byrnes' new and improved system, with the dress-maker's model measure sheet by T. Byrnes (1882)
Tailor system for cutting ladies garments by F. J. Kellogg (1880)
Text book with diagrams and illustrations embodying the basic principles of designing, reproducing and garment cutting by J. Blackburn (1917)
Text-book of the great modern system for designing and cutting ladies' garments by A. D. Rude (1900)
Text-book on domestic art, with illustrations and drafts by C. Ingalls (1911)
Textiles and clothing by E. B. McGowan (1919)
Textiles and clothing by K. Watson (1907)
Textiles and costume design by E. P. Ellsworth (1917)
Textiles; a handbook for the student and the consumer by M. S. Woolman (1913)
The A B C of dress by Harry Collins (1923)
The American designer and cutter; a complete, practical and up-to-date work on the art of designing, cutting, grading, fitting, sketching and practical tailoring by S. Schor (1915)
The American garment cutter for women by R. G. Engelmann (1904)
The American lady-tailor glove-fitting system of dress making by E. Gartland
The American metrical system for cutting ladies' and children's dresses and all close fitting garments (1884)
The American system of dressmaking by P. Merwin (1909)
The art of dressmaking at home and in the workroom by M. Boudet (1903)
The cutters' practical guide to the cutting of ladies' garments by W. Vincent
The delineator, vol. 24
The delineator, vol. 38
The delineator, vol. 53
The diamond garment cutter by Goldsberry, Doran & Nelson (1895)
The dictionary of needlework  an encyclopaedia of artistic, plain, and fancy needlework Vols. 1 - 6 -S. Caulfeild (1890)
The dress and cloak cutter by C. Hecklinger (1884)
The dress you wear and how to make it by M. J. Rhoe (1918)
The dressmaker (1911)
The elements of modern dressmaking for the amateur and professional dressmaker by J. Davis (1894)
The expert designer; a practical and up-to-date work on the art of designing and pattern-making of women's cloaks, suits, waists, dresses and skirts by S. Schorr (1917)
The garment cutter and ladies guide by A. Hunter (1853)
The geometric - a system of cutting garments for ladies and gentlemen on geometrical lines and principles by J. Denieffe (1900)
The hand-book of dress-making by M. J. Howell (1845)
The history of the art of cutting in England by E. B. Giles (1887)
The home dressmakers' guide; containing knowledge found to be of inestinable value during a lifetime of experience in dressmaking and tailoring by J. Blackburn (1919)
The illuminated ladies' book of useful and ornamental needlework by H. Owen
The improved Franco-American form - An adjustable instrument and perfected method for draughting, cutting, and fitting dresses and all inside and outside garments by G. Greenwood (1884)
The influence of clothing on health by F. Treves (1886)
The international encyclopedia of scientific tailor principles, for all kinds and styles of garment-making, designing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, needle work by D. Christner (1885)
The Keif method of cutting coats and vests by F. A. Keif (1899)
The key to success by C. Moll (1882)
The Keystone jacket and dress cutter. A treatise on jackets, dresses and other garments for women by C. Hecklinger (1895)
The Keystone system. A text-book on cutting and designing ladies' garments by C. Hecklinger (1891)
The keystone systems, coats, vests and trousers by C. Hecklinger (1903)
The Kintzel dress cutting system by A. Kintzel (1896)
The ladies' tailor complete instructor by Hughes & Storey (1892)
The national garment cutter book of diagrams by Goldsberry & Doran (1888)
The new dressmaker; with complete and fully illustrated instructions on every point connected with sewing, dressmaking and tailoring (1921)
The original American lady tailor system by E. Gartland (1884)
The Parisian tailor complete instructor and practical guide to ladies' tailoring by P. Fourier (1895)
The pattern New era cutting system by A. E. Ferguson (1915)
The perfect dress fitter - Complete instructions in the art of cutting all kinds of garments by A. Bearrie (1890)
The perfect dressmaking system by E. Bennett (1914)
The perfection taylor system by actual measurement for ladies' and children's garments by L. Denny (1891)
The practical designer by I. Rosenfeld (1918)
The practical designer, for women's, misses', juniors' & children's cloaks & suits, shirt waist suits and dresses by I. Rosenfeld (1911)
The practical sketcher; a complete and practical method of sketching, for women's, misses', junior's, children's and infant's garments by I. Rosenfeld
The practical system for drafting ladies' and children's clothing, designed for use in the public schools by E. Blakeley (1907)
The science and art of cutting and making ladies garments by C. H. Griffin
The science and geometry of dress by L. Jackson (1876)
The science of dress cutting by the Wilson method by J. A. Wilson (1880)
The scientific system of dress cutting by N. Hamilton (1894)
The secret of successful tailoring by E. Watkins (1910)
The self-balancing system of cutting ladies' garments by Dittmar & Sheifer
The standard work on cutting ladies' tailor-made garments by S. S. Gordon
The U. S. A. system of ladies & gentlemen's garments cutting by F. Spikman
The Weiler ladies tailor--dressmaker, designer, cutter and fitter book by S. G. Weiler (1915)
Twentieth century instruction book; artistic ladies' tailor system (1902)
Underwear and lingerie (1921)
Underwear and lingerie (1922)
Weidel's combined tailor square and curves; a complete treatise on drafting ladies' and children's garments by the square and curves combined by J. A. Weidel (1914)
Weinberg's cloak, skirt and cape cutter. A simple and perfect method for self instruction on the art of cutting ladies' cloaks, skirts and capes by B. Weinberg (1900)
Wendorf's practical cutting method; a new system which enables one to take correct measurements and draft patterns for ladies' and men's garments by W. Wendorf (1913)
Work's ladies' tailor system; a self instructor in the art of cutting and fitting ladies' garments by W. A. Work (1914)
An absolute must for anyone with an interest dressmaking, vintage clothing, textiles and design – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price!
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